Friday, November 7, 2014

New low fixed shipping rates

Just in time for Christmas..New low fixed shipping rates.
BC  $4.95
Alberta $5.95
All other provinces $6.95

Free shipping in Canada on all orders over $79
Free shipping USA on all order over $99.95
Low fixed shipping rates to all USA states $15.95

Friday, October 17, 2014

Back pain relief

 Back pain relief

Back pain can be caused by many things,stress, lifting heavy items incorrectly, even doing warm ups when your muscles aren't warm.
Our solution since 1996 has been using our Warm Buddy Sports Therapy Wrap
Back pain relief sports therapy wrap
plus any of our other heating pads to relieve muscle pain and to use as a heat therapy to keep muscle supple and less liable to over stretching and damage.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stand up to workplace stress

Stress in the workplace

We have identified how working for long uninterrupted periods on the computer can lead to muscle stress and fatigue.
For 30 years I worked as a workspace planner with a European office furniture manufacturer, they were one of the first companies to recognize that the workplace contributed to the major reason people got stressed and sick.
We were one of the first companies to use a stand up workstation; these enabled the user to adjust the surface quickly to their desired height and also allowed them the flexibility of movement while working.
Moving to Canada I still adopted these ideas and with the use of laptops and tablets the large work surface was as dead as the dodo.
Also more people were now working from home so space was a precious commodity, thus the stand-up station was a space saver as well as an ergonomic blessing.
I went to the Home depot and bought myself supplies to make my own stand up surface for under $60.

Stand up work surface
I still had my sit down desk, albeit much smaller, but throughout the day I alternated between the 2 work surface, this gave me the exercise I needed and allowed me to use different muscle sets throughout the day. Resulting in, less fatigue, less stress and a more 
productive day.
Whilst I still have my heat packs for those days my muscles ache, it is not required for stress relief anymore.
So take a stand against workplace stress.

baby gifts

 Workplace stress

Do you suffer from stress in the workplace?
This can be one many causes, the main one is your body and how it reacts to stress.
When you are working on the computer for long periods of time, just take a few seconds to check your body and where your shoulders are in relation to your ears.
You see the more stressed you are the higher your shoulders go up, a quick release is to take a deep breathe and relax, you will suddenly see how far your shoulders drop.
Should you find yourself working at the computer for long periods of time it is important to take stretch breaks, take a walk around the house, make a cup of tea, walk around the office, this will relax the muscles, if you can't find the time to do this make an appointment with your self in your desk top calender say every hour to remind yourself to take a break.
Stress can also be caused by the way you are working, your environment such as how your chair is set, where your monitor is in relation to your eyes, this is another blog I can do to address this as I have spent 30 years in the office furniture business designing ergonomic work spaces.
We have supplied many companies with our shoulder wraps for employees to use to help relax those neck and shoulder muscles.
here is a short release from one BC company - Worksafe BC.
Ultra-shoulder wrap
Worksafe BC incorporated the use of our Ultra Shoulder wraps for their employees to use to relieve stress or tension at work.
  • Emma Chritensen their corporate ergonomist found that individuals using the wraps had a more relaxed posture while working at their workstations, their shoulders were lower, not hunched up around the ears and productivity increased.
This all natural stress relief wrap penetrates deep into muscles to dissolve stress and soothe aches, moist heat therapy can even help diminish tension headaches.

Dental anxiety and stress

Also dentists are using our Ultra-shoulder wrap to help relieve dental anxiety with their clients

All of our Warm Buddy products are approved medical devices for the relief of pain and stress relief.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How secure is the shopping cart you are using online

Is your shopping cart secure?

How to check if the shopping cart on the site you are shopping on is secure:
With the plethora of online shopping and the recent stories of personal information being stolen, it is so important to ensure that the site you are browsing has a secure shopping cart.
Here are some simple steps to follow.
First the shopping cart must have an https:// in front of it's url and a closed padlock.
Having a secure shopping cart means that information such as credit card details are encrypted and the information sent from your browser to the shopping carts server is totally secure.
In Fire Fox if it shows a triangle in front of the url this means that there is a problem with the page security, double click on the triangle for more information
Chrome will show the https and a locked padlock if the page is secure if not it will show a line through the https and an X over the padlock indicating it is not a secure page
Internet Explorer IE (as below)

To view the details of an SSL Certificate, go to a secure site, click on the padlock and select “View Certificate”. All browsers are slightly different, but the certificate always contains the same information.

PS: The website itself may not show an https or a locked padlock, but the shopping cart server must, so
to ensure data is encrypted and sent securely.
For example:
Our website is
Our shopping cart server is: