Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Computer backitis and neckitis..A National problem

Do you suffer from computer backitis, this is usually caused by sitting too long at your computer, your neck and back hurts.
This causes stress and muscle strain.
One local company has embraced this problem and fights it head on.

Worksafe BC incorporated the use of our Ultra Shoulder wraps for their employees to use to relieve stress or tension at work.
Neck pain and stress relief

  • Emma Chritensen their corporate ergonomist found that individuals using the wraps had a more relaxed posture while working at their workstations, their shoulders were lower, not hunched up around the ears and productivity increased.
This all natural stress relief wrap penetrates deep into muscles to dissolve stress and soothe aches, moist heat therapy can even help diminish tension headaches.

Also our Sports Therapy wrap can be used for your back aches, use it hot or cold

So don't get caught with computer backitis or neckitis.
Do you suffer from computer backitis, sitting at the computer for too long and your back and neck hurt. Solution is to first take a stretch break from your work and use a heat pack to relieve the pain.
Another solution is to use a stand up work surface, this promotes better use of the muscle sets while using the computer.

Sciatica fast pain relief

Sciatica relief









How to Use Heat and Cold Therapy for Sciatic Pain

Cold Therapy
Take a Sports Therapy Wrap from the freezer and use for sciatic pain This is usually kept in one spot, such as the low back, for 15 to 20 minutes per application, and repeated for three times (15 minutes on-off-on-off-on, which takes 1 hour, 15 minutes = 1 session).

Heat Therapy
Take our Warm Buddy Sports Therapy wrap, heat in the microwave and place on affected area of the back.
In addition to the benefits stated above, heat relaxes the muscles, which again, allows for some pain relief, allowing the patient to stretch out the sciatic nerve and diminish the compression that is causing the sciatica.